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About Us

We would rather turn work away than accept it and run the risk of damaging our reputation by using substandard operators. That way, when we talk about the high quality of our work we know we can “walk the talk”.  This is because our personnel are selected not only for their skills but also their attitude towards their work and respect for our clients.

Each of our personnel will take ownership of your project and the operator’s reputation for quality is riding on every job they complete. At Limestone Park we nurture an environment where reputation is paramount.

Limestone Park Earthmoving was established in 2008 by Michael Agnew, who saw the demand, for a professional earthmoving operation with job specific equipment, and where each operator took responsibility for the project they were working on, and could be called upon to tackle a variety of different tasks, which often step outside the confines of earthmoving.

The business quickly grew to include earthmoving, drilling, fencing, vegetation management and fire mitigation services, all under the ‘Limestone Park’ banner. ‘Limestone Park Earthmoving’ has now evolved into a company that caters for any earthworks scenario from small driveways and house pads through to mine site operations, road works, commercial dams and subdivisions.

We offer dynamic thinking, advice and solutions to ensure every contract is completed in the most economical and best possible way, and the end result meets or exceeds the clients expectations. 


Why are we successful? “Because the quality of our work is of utmost importance to us, presentation, flexibility, and communication is paramount”.

And why is it that we can deliver? “Firstly, our staff are at the top of their profession and are chosen because they have the right ATTITUDE”, secondly, the size of the machinery and the way we have structured our business means we are big enough to deliver but small enough to still be flexible.


ADVICE, CONSULTATION AND RESEARCH ARE ALL NECESSARY PREREQUISITES TO ENSURING INTEGRATION OF WORKS, whether it is servicing the mining sector, site works for a new home, developing land, or preparation for commercial horticulture operations.

Each project is unique due to many different factors and when seeking government and departmental approvals it is essential to be well informed and aware of all options and alternatives.  Limestone Park’s continuing liaison with these offices ensure that our advice is always topical and factual whether you simply require a house pad or to the more complex areas of civil works and mining.

Limestone Park Earthmoving can facilitate all these works and most importantly, we go that extra step of analysing and advising as to the best possible approach to ensure the most economically viable end result for the entire project. 

Limestone Park Earthmoving equipment includes

  • dozers,
  • loaders,
  • trucks and trailers,
  • skid steers,
  • excavators,
  • graders,
  • water carts and more.
Most equipment is new and all are meticulously maintained to ensure minimal down time and reliability.
Job specific equipment such as cable locators, weighing systems, total station, post hole thumpers, trenchers, tractors, slashers, power arm mulchers and ploughs all serve to ensure that there is always the right equipment to help complete the job and all machinery can be mobilised easily to cater to rural and remote environments.