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Intensive Agriculture

We have been involved from the very start with the $10,000,000 expansion and upgrade of one of our client’s intensive livestock complexes. This project has been developed and refined over two years, and at every step of the venture Limestone Park has been involved.

We have been asked to be involved in government negotiations relating to the project, as well as drilling, earthmoving and offering concept recommendations. Even after specific job scopes were asked to be priced, and our pricing had been submitted, Limestone Park continued to offer alternatives that in our view, better suited the project. These alternative recommendations were embraced and added to the project.

An example was the construction and lining of a 230m X 120m dam. When we submitted our pricing, we also included all the necessary storm water mitigation works and tied these into the project as a whole, in a way that protected the assets from future flooding and erosion caused by severe storm events.

This was an area that had been previously overlooked and was then adopted as part of the project.  We then went further with our research and recommended an alternative site location for a proposed new dam which had benefits that outweighed the clients initial choice of location.