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Property Development


Subdivision / Development Consultants

Limestone Park offers a unique service to our clients who are thinking of subdivision and developments.

Having experienced firsthand the whole process of purchasing the property; subdivision application, condition completion, title release, marketing and sale of the subsequent lots, we recognised this is not something that every property owner is willing to undertake themselves, especially when coupled with the uncertainty of the end cost of employing consultants, surveyors, planners etc. 

Often property owners who are sitting on a “land bank”, which has the potential to be subdivided, are intimidated by the whole process and workload.

Limestone Park, together with its colleagues who specialise in local government, planning, consultancy and lobbying, can advise on whether a block has subdivision potential and if so can then begin the process.

Limestone Park will, on behalf of our clients, make application for subdivision and negotiate with shires, government departments and the State Administrative Tribunal in order to gain approval for subdivision.

Limestone Park will do this without charging a fee until approval is obtained, if subdivision approval is not achieved our clients are not charged.

In a similar fashion to how a real estate agent gets paid a commission only after they sell your property, Limestone Park will normally negotiate a percentage fee based on the project’s estimated end value. Our clients then normally fund this fee using the new increased equity in their property gained by the subdivision approval.

In most cases this means that our clients do not have to search for the capital to make the subdivision a reality.

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