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Client Feedback

Complicated Earth works of our Dam completed efficiently and professionally

“In August of 2011 we constructed a second holding dam for irrigation water. This was needed to get more Iron out of our irrigation water. In the design of the dam we incorporated a cascade for the aeration of the water on one of the dam walls.

The earth works of this dam were somewhat complicated due to the fact that the construction was adjoined to the existing dam and a cascade system was to be placed on the dam wall.

For this work I approached Limestone Park Earth moving. They are great. Just simple things as arriving at the time that was agreed and coming on site in advance to oversee the job and work the job out in to detail.

When the machinery was on site with the staff from Limestone Park  the job got on its way pretty quick. Regardless of how big or small the machine is, it is the operator that makes it work! The people we had are very skilled. This resulted in a great job very tidy and correct.

If it is worth doing, do it right. The pleasure of cheap work is long gone when the pain of not having it done right still lingers on.”

Henk  Fledderus - Moora Citrus

Responsive service

''APB Modular engaged Limestone Park to carry out the earthworks on a recent project in the Mid-West. This project was very successful with all involved receiving great praise from the Client. Since that time we have re-engaged Limestone Park on a second project and continue to present works for pricing by Limestone Park. To date we are extremely impressed with the quality of work on both projects and will continue to work with Limestone Park moving forward.

Their prompt response to queries and ability to provide detailed quotations will allow us to develop our relationship further moving forward. A refreshing, professional approach to communication is a very positive step for our construction department in completing projects on time and within budget''

Andy Kelliher - APB Modular

Excavation capability and expertise

“Enviromet Meteorological Consultants have twice used Limestone Park to supply an excavator with rockbreaker and operator to dig trenches for anchoring wind monitoring towers. This work has to be undertaken the day before light winds are forecast so the tower can be lifted and both times Mike has been sufficiently flexible to manage his resources so that equipment and staff have been available when needed''

''The supplied Komatsu excavator was immaculately maintained and serviced and the operator we were fortunate enough to have been allocated, Amber, was highly skilled and operated the machine with a precision that is normally only associated with brain surgeons. Where possible, we will be using them for all future project and have no hesitation in highly recommending their machinery, personnel and commitment to excellence in the work they do.” 

Ian Piggin - Enviromet Meteorological Consultants

Subdivision Management

Limestone Park and Mike Agnew have assisted our Breton Bay Group with all stages of the subdivision of our rural property at Breton Bay in the Gingin Shire.

Their input and workmanship on all areas of the subdivision has been exceptional, Thanks Mike – Breton Bay Group

Lou Sauzier - Breton Bay Group

Professional and tailored service

“I have recently purchased a virgin block of land and Limestone Park cleared 1ha of it, put down the driveway, created three sand pads, sculptured the block, installed the septic tank and delivered sand for the brick walls.
Mike and his team were quick, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Everyone was friendly, helpful and answered all my questions. Even those questions that dealt with other topics. Limestone Park excelled in their help to prepare me for my new life in the Gingin area.”  

Kevin Moore